engl402: assignments


There are four major assignments in this course. The course is on a 1000 point scale.

Participation will count for the final 100 points. Because we will be working collaboratively on many assignments, and because learning is a communal effort, your regular attendance is vital. Each absence beyond four will result in a loss of 50 points. Extensive tardiness will be considered in assessing absences. This policy is firm.

You will also lose participation points for the following: texting in class, using your phone for any reason, using a laptop for reasons other than note taking, doing homework for another class, doing anything that distracts from the culture of respect and professionalism that a class such as this requires.

Participation also includes: one short lesson from Part 5 of the textbook. Working with one other student you will teach the class two sections from Part 5: Guidelines for Grammar, Style, and Punctuation. This lesson should be brief (5-10 minutes). We will form pairs and you will choose your lessons by the end of week 1.
Grading Scale:   A: 93-100, A-: 90-92, B+: 88-89, B: 83-87, B-: 80-82, C+: 78-79, C: 73-77, C-: 70-72, D+: 68-69, D: 63-67, D-60-62, F: 59 and below.

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