Informational campaign
: an organized course of action to achieve a particular goal. In this case, the goal is to provide information on a topic.

Your group needs to create an informational campaign geared towards WSU students or a local community in Pullman and/or Moscow. The topic of this campaign is up to you. Some ideas: effectively using public transit, anti-binge drinking, how and what to recycle, volunteering and supporting the humane society, bicycling for stress relief, early cancer detection, preserving a natural resource of some sort, how to find the best deal on textbooks, how to apply for financial aid, what classes to take and avoid, etc.

In order to get to this final product, your group needs to complete the following steps as described below.

Part 1: Genre Analysis REPORT (worth 10%)
This assignment is based in part on the first half of Chapter 3. Each member of your group must find two informational campaigns that are related to the idea your group has for the final project. How you break up the work is up to your group, but the FINAL PRODUCT must be a report that summarizes the Write/Design Assignment Steps 2-4 on p. 45 of the book. IMPORTANT: each group member just needs to find TWO texts, not 8-10 (as listed in the assignment). So in total, your group will have 2 sites x #groupmembers. For example, 5 group members = 10 sites. The final report must include:

  1. A summary of your findings. What are the major genre conventions you found? What are the outliers? Why do you think this is the case? And, what conventions do you think it is important for your group to follow as you design your own informational campagin.
  2. An appendix that includes a write-up of Steps 2-4 (from p. 45) for each text. Please see the textbook for more information, but the gist of steps 2-4 are as follows:
    1. List the arguments, points, or key ideas those texts offer you about your topic. This is the 'what' (that is, 'what' is the text about).
    2. Next, list the genres, modes, and multimodal design choices that the texts use. This is the 'how.'
    3. Analyze how the what relates to the how.

Email me the report. ONE REPORT PER GROUP.

Part 2: pitch proposal (worth 5%)
This assignment is based in part on the final pages of Chapter 3. Your group will pitch your informational campaign idea to the class, and the class will give you feedback (imagining they are the intended audience). This is your chance to formulate your final project idea, explain what it will look like, and receive feedback so you can move forward. READ THE Write/Design Assignment on Page 56. The technical details:

  1. The pitch must be 2 to 3-minutes long
  2. The pitch must include a visual aid
  3. The pitch must quickly address the questions on p. 56
  4. Please put your PowerPoint (if you're using one...remember, you need some type of visual aid) in the DropBox. Same one you used for Project 2. The folder is called 355-powerpoints.

Part 3: team contract (worth 5%)
Create a team contract based on the Write/Design Assignment on page 86. Since you all need to sign it, bring me a print copy in class.

Part 4: mockup & storyboard (worth 5%)
Create a website mockup and a video storyboard for your project. Refer to Chapter 6 for help. The mockup should be as professional as you can make it (something like Figure 6.2 will work) and should follow the guidelines on page 95. The storyboard should be readable and follow the guidelines on page 97.

Part 5: ROUGH DRAFT (worth 5%)
The website should be usable and should include the video. Other groups will provide you with feedback. Please refer to Chapter 7. I want you to have as many of the bullet points on pg.110 done as possible. I realize some may not be possible yet, but do the best you can, realizing you don't have much time between Wednesday and your presentation day.

Part 6: FInal Draft and Presentation (worth 20%)
The informational website should be complete and you will share it with us in a 10 minute presentation that includes a detailed justificaiton of your rhetorical situation and design strategies. The details:

EMAIL ME the link to your final draft by monday, December 15 @ 8am.