Today, in-class you have the option of either completing all of the tutorials (CSS/HTML intermediate and advanced) in the HTML Dog site from Tuesday [do this if you want to learn more code] OR doing the following three steps in order to familiarize yourself with Dreamweaver:

  1. Getting the Gist. Open Dreamweaver, and in it, open both your .html and .css files from Tuesday. Just explore, change things, notice what happens in both the Code and Design view. [for now, avoid anything about setting up "Sites"]
  2. A Basic Tutorial. Once you've poked around a bit, move onto this Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial. Complete Chapter 1, and explore the remaining chapters if you want to learn more. As I explained earlier, it's your choice whether to use Dreamweaver's sites option, where it will keep track of your files for you. Most people use it, but I don't, because I don't like to rely on Dreamweaver to do this work for me. Your call.
  3. Mixing Code + Dreamweaver, the Arola way. If you have time, go to Free CSS Templates, download one of your choice and save it in your public folder. Now, open both the index.html and .css page in Dreamweaver and try to change a few things (eg: get rid of a link, change the background color, etc).

Remember, on Tuesday your portal site for 355 is due. You can make it as you see fit, but do try to get it to validate.