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WRA 260

rhetoric, persuasion, culture

Home Schedule Assignments
Home Schedule Assignments


This schedule is subject to change. You are required to regularly check the schedule to make sure you are prepared for class and assignment deadlines. Readings are provided in D2L at http://d2l.msu.edu

Unit 1: What is Rhetoric? History and Key Terms

date Due for classtime
Week 1 | January 8
  • n/a, course introduction
Week 1| January 10
Week 2 | January 15
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No Class
Week 2 | January 17
  • Read Crowley, Sharon and Debra Hawhee. "Chapter 1, Ancient Rhetorics: Their Differences and the Differences They Make." Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students, Fifth Edition. 2011. (see D2L)
  • Read Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have A Dream" (in class we will listen)
Week 3 | January 22
  • Read Foss, Sonja J. "Chapter 3: Neo-Aristotelian Criticism - Genesis of Rhetorical Criticism." Rhetorical Criticism: Exploration & Practice.Waveland Press. 2004. (see D2L)
  • Read Herrick, James A. "Chapter 1, An Overview of Rhetoric." The History and Theory of Rhetoric: An Introduction,Fourth Edition. 2009. (see D2L)
Week 3 | January 24
  • Read JN Ch1 on the Rhetorical Situation (see D2L)

Week 4 | January 29
Week 4 | January 31
  • Bring to class: the text you are analyzing for Assignment #1. We will peer workshops ways of rhetorically analyzing your text based on the readings we have done thus far.


Unit 2: Culture and Rhetoric

date Due for classtime
Week 5 | February 5
  • DRAFT OF Assignment #1 Due in class. BRING TWO COPIES for peer review. assignment1.html
  • Be prepared to have someone else read your paper and provide feedback.
Week 5 | February 7
  • FINAL DRAFT of Assignment #1 due in D2L by classtime.
  • Read "What Is Culture?" in D2L
Week 6 | February 12
  • Read "Rhetoric and Popular Culture" in D2L
Week 6 | February 14
  • Complete Exercise 1.6 from Monday's reading IF YOU DID NOT ALREADY do it IN CLASS on Monday.
Week 7 | February 19
  • Bring artifact to class for Assignment 2 (or be prepared to explain or show it to us in some fashion).
Week 7 | February 21
  • See D2L for reading ("Sparring with Public Memory: The Rhetorical Embodiment of Race, Power, and Conflict in the Monument to Joe Louis" by Victoria J. Gallagher and Margaret R. LaWare)
  • COME TO CLASS PREPARED TO DISCUSS THE READING.Specifically, think about whether this monument serves as a cultural artifact and for whom.m
Week 8 | February 26
  • Read Dale Grauman's "Thinking Rhetorically About Ronald McDonald, the Hamburger-Happy Clown" https://graumand.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/thinking-rhetorically-about-ronald-mcdonald-the-hamburger-happy-clown/

    Read Robin Kimmerer's "The Gift of Strawberries" http://www.servicespace.org/blog/view.php?id=21280

    IN RESPONSE TO THESE READINGS write a 1-2 page, double spaced, response that addresses the following:

    These three readings present three very different texts as objects for analysis (The Fist, Ronald McDonald, and Strawberries). Do you consider all three of these texts rhetorical artifacts? Why or why not? Do you consider these texts as representing cultures? Why or why not? Finally, describe your own personal take on these articles. Did you like them? Hate them? Somewhere in between? Why? Think specifically about what drew you to them, parts you liked, disliked, or reasons you responded the way you did. 

    Along with submitting response to D2L, PRINT OUT RESPONSE and bring to class

Week 8 | February 28
  • Workshopping - Draft Due of Assignment 2 for in-class peer review


Unit 3: Rhetoric in Practice

date Due for classtime
Week 9 | March 12
Week 9 | March 14
  • Work on report (Part 1 of Assignment 3). Due by 3pm on Monday in D2L. Every group member must submit the group report (1 report per group, all group members submit the one report)
Week 10 | March 19
  • Part 1 of Assignment 3 due by classtime (Report).
  • Tasks assigned to groups in class. Classtime will be used to decide on deliverables.
Week 10 | March 21
Week 11 | March 26
Week 11 | March 28
  • Submit Part 3 Report to D2L by classtime.
  • in-class worktime to complete deliverables and prepare presentation
Week 12 | April 2
  • Part 4 of Assignment 3 due. (Presentations)
  • Group 5: Charlotte, Bailey, Jonnie, Joe, Stephanie
  • Group 2: Trevon, Chase, Valeria, Naijang, Erin, Leo
  • Group 3: Kiera, Mac, Suzy, Dylan, Natalie O.
Week 12 | April 4
  • Part 4 of Assignment 3 due. (Presentations)
  • Group 1: Anderson, Hatch, Ed, Ross, Ryan, Sam K.
  • Group 4: Ossama, Sean, Alexia, Silvia, Danielle
  • Group 6: Caroline, Natalie W., Sam M., Rachel, Coral


Unit 4: Propaganda

date Due for classtime
Week 13 | April 9
  • Assignment 3 due in Dropbox by classtime. EACH GROUP MEMBER must turn in portfolio.
  • MEET AT MSU MUSEUM, main atrium. 409 W Circle Dr. (near Beaumont Tower) to begin work for Assignment 4
Week 13 | April 11
Week 14 | April 16
  • Group Contract Due by end of Classtime (Part 2 of Assignment 4)
  • As a Group, find 3-5 online sources on Style Guides (Googling "how to create a style guide" brings up a lot). Bring these sources to class today! Be prepared to discuss.
Week 14 | April 18
  • Work Time
Week 15 | April 23
  • Draft Due in class for peer review
  • Brief report due 5pm (Part 3 of Assignment 4)
Week 15 | April 25
Finals Week | April 30
  • Projects due to Dropbox by 5pm today (Part 5 of Assignment 4)


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