WRA 260

WRA 891

rhetoric, persuasion, culture

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Home Schedule Assignments
Header image: Marylou Harris holds a sign as she listens to speakers during the Guns Across America pro-gun rally at the State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, January 19, 2013. REUTERS/Tami Chappell Image and Article

Major Assignments, Deadlines, and Grading Criteria

10% | Participation: You are expected to be present, prepared, and engaged during each class period. This requires you regularly attend class, do the readings before class, and engage with ideas and each other in class. Not fulfilling these obligations will reduce your final grade. Repeated tardies, excessive absences, and inappropriate use of technology will reduce your final grade.

90% | Assignments:The course is split into four units, and each unit ends in an assignment. The first two are individual, the last two are group projects. All projects require direct engagement with the course readings.

20% | Assignment #1: Rhetorical Analysis
In this 3-5 page paper, you will perform a brief rhetorical analysis of a text from your area of study or future profession, while defining rhetorical analysis and rhetoric in the process.

20% | Assignment #2: Cultural Artifact
In this project you will explain a culture that you are a part of and you will analyze an artifact from that culture. The project can take the form of take a variety of forms: multigenre essay, video, podcast, memoir, personal experience essay, or other forms including material and visual rhetorics. 

25% | Assignment #3: Rhetoric in Action
Working in groups, you will create a portfolio of five deliverables in response to a case study I present. You should also turn in a "composers' statement" with your portfolio, in which your group articulates the rhetorical choices made.

25% | Assignment #4: World War I Poster Style Guide
Working in groups of 6, you will explore artifiacts from the "War and Speech: Propaganda, Patriotism and Dissent in the Great War" Exhibit at the MSU Museum and create a War Propaganda Style Guide.


Grading Scale
94-100% - 4.0
88-93% - 3.5
81-87% - 3.0
74-80% - 2.5
69-73% - 2.0
64-68% - 1.5
59-63% - 1.0
< 60% - 0.0